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Some time during the senior year of high school, Kimlinh Tran decided to deviate from her perceived future of writing by job shadowing a voice actor for her senior project, a curriculum centered around job exploration. It was during that very recording session that she knew what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. She was inspired by the performance made not by a "crazy outgoing actor doing funny voices", but by a hardworking, trained professional who was skilled in his craft. Even a shy person like her could learn how to act if she set her mind to it, and since then, she did everything she could to work her way into the booth.

Throughout her time at Moorpark College and while studying for her screenwriting degree at California State University of Northridge, she took whatever acting class she could. If she couldn't take any classes because they were full, she looked for voice acting classes and workshops. If she couldn't afford voice acting classes and workshops, she practiced online in various voice acting communities, where she slowly but surely made a name for herself among animators, independent game developers, and other content creators. It wasn't long until she managed to find her way back into the booth, and with amazing adventures in store for her.

She has over 500 released online projects and credits under her belt. At the moment, when she isn't voice acting, she's drawing or working on creating her first animated short as a producer. She loves animals, especially the cute ones that make her hsdfkjjkfdbjuhajfkhs, and loves learning about animation and video games. If she's given too much time to write, expect a degree of sesquipedalian loquaciousness from her.

By the way, Kimlinh is a Vietnamese asexual, and is non-binary too! Demigirl, to be precise!